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Lifestyle Portraits

With extensive experience in bodypainting and performing arts photography, I excel in capturing individuals at their most expressive. Whether in a studio or a personally significant location, my focus is on creating professional, creative portraits that authentically reflect the subject's personality and passions, resulting in meaningful and unique storytelling images.

Lifestyle Portraits FAQ

What regions and cities do your services cover?

I'm located in Küsnacht, just outside Zürich, Switzerland, with access to studios in Zürich. 

Most of my projects and outdoor shoots take place in or around Zürich, however, I am more than happy to take on assignments anywhere in Swizerland.  

I also typically shoot a few projects abroad each year and welcome such opportunities. 

Do you offer customised services to fit customers needs?

Certainly! All of my services are flexible to some extent and can be adjusted to meet specific customer needs, even if they are unique. 

For events such as weddings, I expect to discuss these details with you thoroughly before confirming any bookings. It's helpful to inform me of any special requests as soon as possible so that I can prepare accordingly and let you know how they can be accommodated within my service offerings. 

Your satisfaction is important to me, and I'm committed to ensuring that your requirements are met effectively. Please feel free to communicate your preferences, and we'll work together to tailor my services to your liking.

Do you charge extra for travel costs / expenses?

All sevices provided within 25km of Zürich come with no travel costs or additional expenses.

Outside of that area I charge for travel at cost (no mark-up), for shoots lasting at least 2 hours, and with a small surcharge for shoots lasting less than 2 hours.

If a shoot requires overnight accommodation, or other agreed expenses, they will charged at cost, with no mark-up.  

Do you offer online galleries and the abilty to download or order prints?

Absolutely. I am happy to to provide you with access to an online gallery on my photo gallery website.


I offer wide range of options for gallery security /access, downloading, printing and purchasing of photos and additional printed mechandise. 

Typically, client galleries are unlisted (only accessible to those with a direct link and not web searchable) and also password protected. Download is typically switched off, but can be enabled along with other customisable gallery settings. 

Online galleries are typically made available for 12 months but can be removed earlier, or provided for longer, upon request.

By default I switch off shopping features on client galleries. If desirted,  I can easily introduce highly customisable shopping options, although this is typically only of any interest for event photography. 

I do also offer some photos for sale on my website, mainly from my extensive travel portfolio, in my portfolio galleries. If you find any other shots in my public galleries that you would like to purchase, that are not currently offered for sale, please let me know.     

What equipment do you use?

I own and use the latest Nikon professional cameras and lenses and Elinchrom mobile studio flash equipment. 

I typically use two Z9 camera on most assignments, with 2-5 lenses. 

I own approx 25 lenses, the majority being top quality prime lense, from 10-500mm focal length. 

For a wedding I would typically have 3 cameras, 5+ lenses, a range of portable light modifiers with me, on-site, optionally a drone.

For video I sometimes additionally use a top-end mobile device, typically mounted in a rig with optional external lighting, microphones and storage.


Are you able to shoot in low light situations?

I enjoy shooting in low-light situations. Infact, I'm well known for my sports and artisitc performance work which is often shot in low-light, with fast moving action - one of the most challenging combinations for any photographer.

I use cameras and lenses that perform well in low-light conditions and if desired (and if permitted) I have powerful mobile studio lights that can add to / enhance the available ambient light.   

Do you have appropriate liability insurance?

I might not be Swiss (yet)  - but I did work in insurance for over 15 years. I have the appropriate liability insurance.

How long have you been working as a photographer ?

I've been providing freelance photography services since 2010, capturing images at hundreds of events and assignments. I've typically served as an accredited media photographer, covering a wide range of event types, alongside other assignments for private and corporate clients (e.g. weddings and corporate events). 

My photo gallery website (hosting both client and personal photos galleries) contains over 50,000 photos from a significantly larger catalogue. 

As of 2024, I have officially established my own photography company, solidifying my commitment to this craft as my primary vocation.

Do you speak German ?

Ja, ein bisschen...

Well enough for most situations linked to my photography services.

I have been living in Switzerland since 2001 and my German, currently around B2 level, is improving with wider use and I welcome any opportunity to try it out.

Can you provide references and testimonials from previous / existing clients?

Certainly! I'm happy to provide references and testimonials from both past and current clients. Additionally, you can find reviews from previous clients on my Google Business page. Please feel free to reach out, and I'll be glad to share them with you.

Where do you shoot Family, Baby, Lifestyle & pet portraits?

Family, Baby, lifestyle & pet portraits can be taken in a studio although they are more typically taken at a location of your choice,  either indoors or outdoors.

Home is a popular indoor location choice, especially for baby shoots and some family & pet shoots. This is often the case when there is a desire to be photographed surrounded by familiar objects, or to be somewhere that is more meaningful, comfortable or convenient to the client than a studio. 

I bring portable light modifiers (softboxes) to location shoots, enabling great control of the lighting. However, very large light modifiers (>1.5m) are devises such as beauty boxes are typically only used in a studio.   

Outdoor locations, e.g. parks, gardens, the countryside are popular for family, couple and pet shoots. Here, choosing a good day weather-wise, and time-of day for optimal lighting (e.g. the golden hour) can make a huge difference to the resultiung images and for that some degree of flexibility with session timing is often desirable.


How long until you deliver final portrait photos?

I typically deliver final edited photos within 24-48 hours of the photoshoot.

How long will it take receive the final edited photos?

I typically provide estimated delivery times for final photos in the details of my service offerings.

For most 1-2 hour assignments I will have initial selections and edits made within 24 hours and final edits typically delivered within 48-72 hours of the shoot.

For longer events, weddings, events outside of Switzerland and other events requiring more detailed, specific editing, it might take up to 4-6 weeks to receive final photos during particularly busy times - but more typically I provide final edits in 1-3 weeks for even the most demanding assignments.

If time-presure is urgent or if there are any other concerns regarding the delivery of final edited photos - please let me know ASAP and I will endevour to accommodate any special requests.  

Do you deliver RAW files?

Typically not. I always shoot in RAW and then deliver full quality jpegs to clients after editing. 

Some clients (e.g. media) explicity request no post-processing, but that is rare outside of the media domain. 

As a professional photographer I pride myself in only delivering quality images and that invariably requires some post processing of the images. 

Typically only minor editing is required (I like to get things right at the shooting) but some situations with highly variable lighting or other variable factors result in photos requiring more post-processing attention. 

On other occasions a customer might request a certain "style" or look to photos which requires the application of alternative colour profiles, pre-sets andadditional tweaks -  which I am typically happy to provide, when requested.  

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